Product Page


The primary purpose of the product page is to create an installation with a specific product version. Its secondary purpose is to manage Oomph's bundle pools. The product page is used exclusively by the installation wizard.

The page contains the following controls:

Filters which of the products are displayed.
Collapses the tree; initially the tree is fully expanded.
Updates the locally-cached versions of all the resources used in the wizard.
Chooses which of the product catalogs available in the index to display.
Displays the selected product catalogs. Double-clicking a product automatically advances to the project page.
Displays the p2 installable unit ID of the selected product.
Displays the p2 installable unit name of the selected product.
Displays the currently selected product version.
Determines which specific version of the available product versions to install.
Determines whether the installation will use bundle pools.
Determines which specific bundle pool to use.
Brings up the bundle pool management dialog.